11 March 2015

Value of sustainable work

The need for protecting and promoting employee health is a crucial factor for the future of companies. In the last few years, I worked for many companies on the issues of health, safety and absence of sickness, such as University Medical Centre of Utrecht, Cordaan Health, Feadship, NautaDutihl and others.

Whereas the focus of companies in the past was on good medical care, it now shifted to perceiving employees as human beings rather than human resources. It is all about attention, understanding and communication. Companies need to focus not only on employees’ health, but also on wellbeing, engagement and productivity. Moreover, people should enjoy their work, be able to balance work and family life while at the same time maintaining or improving their functional skills. 

From what I experience in companies, the need for well-trained consultants and professionals in the field of sustainable work is therefore crucial. For this reason I am in full support of the master’s programme in Work, Health and Career of the University of Maastricht 

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