30 January 2015

The trek of your –working- life

In 2014, I made the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, a journey that approximately 100,000 people per year, even in these difficult times, enter into. I did not have my mind on the goal of “the Cathedral of Santiago”, but mostly on the trip itself, the journey of about 800 kilometers. You’re on your own, physically and your psyche. You have to rely on your own knowledge, expertise and current of thought.

During this hike or pilgrimage I had the time to consider everything and take a good look in the mirror. What do you want in life and what do you want from your job? You will be facing yourself.

Your own prisoner?

People usually keep on working because they ‘have to’; unfortunately not because they like their job, or because they are passionate about it. And that is of course very unfortunate: working can be very amusing and can give you satisfaction, which will lead to vitality, enthusiasm, passion, enjoyment or whatever you want to call it. If you don’t enjoy doing your job, you will also be facing yourself; this very often is a negative happening. However, this is preventable.

Companies, and also executives can give their employees more responsibility in the approach of the work and the focus on the results. That creates, and this is scientifically proven, more passion and job satisfaction for the employees. Find out what are energy suppliers for employees within your own team. Fun and responsibility on every level of your job will result in more productiveness and mostly less absenteeism, or in other words: sustainable employability. So for an executive it is really important to know what those energy suppliers are and what he/she can do with them.

Box ++

The Belgian Guido Thijs has created a website; the ‘scareclientsawayclub.nl’ (klantenwegjaagclub.nl) because he thinks Dutch people are really good at scaring clients away. The way of looking at and working for your intern or extern clients determines your own success. Do you aim for basic things or aspects of a job or do you have a wider vision: do you enjoy doing a little more than the client expects from you: that gives you energy!

A company provides the standard box, a product; sometimes you get a bonus as a customer, a discount or something free along with it, which is a first plus. Guido Thijs takes this a step further by adding another plus to it, but for this plus you need to get to know your costumers: the customer will be surprised by that little extra effort he or she had really not taken into account: the extra service, that extra gesture, a genuine smile etcetera.. You will deliver that extra plus with engaged employees, who like to do a little more effort for a client.

The arrival

When you decide to take on that hike, you should take a good look at yourself: what am I passionate about or what does excite me? What is my final destination? My retirement, or having fun every day? And what can I contribute to my team in this area?

Go work for the opportunities you get, the ones that give you energy and convert that into steady policy. By doing these things, you can create your own box ++ by working on your own commitment and on passionate employees.

Also, the market right now really demands it!

Paul ter Wal

Value of sustainable work