30 May 2015

Sustainable employability, something to put off dealing with?

Since 2011, there are more employees that leave the labor market than there are employees joining the labor market. For the first time, the number of people retiring is bigger (outflow) than the inflow. And this will continue until 2040. The upcoming years employers have to have a better search for and more often look for the right employees. This all despite the huge number of unemployed we now have in the Netherlands: mismatch on the labor market!

The number of incapacitated people has decreased in the past 10 years and is still decreasing. The unemployment number is still rising decently, but will drop within a few years. Although this will be pleasant at first (less WW- and WIA-premiums) we will find that it will become increasingly difficult to find specific employees. Trusting the expanding group of independent professionals is also not an option, they will soon have a lot of clients to choose from.

How do we deal with these issues? Which tasks belong to the employee and which tasks belong to the employer? We have to focus on two things: the caring employability and activating employability.

A part of caring employability is, among other things: health improvement: how do you, being the employer, keep your people healthy and what will you do when they fail. Previously there were occupational health services but these are unsustainable. You will have to participate in new formatting, which is customization. The issues hereby include: a healthy lifestyle and healthy working. And above all: how do I do that? Can I claim a healthy lifestyle? How does this development proceed; how can I use this?

The activating employability is how you make sure that people stay locatable well, mobility: so if the company changes, people can then easily adapt to new activities and circumstances and can possibly leave: internal appropriate and / or replacement work, external promotion, (no) severance payments or transition budgets and such. What is also important is the talent management and the training of employees to stay up-to-date and to achieve the maximum. In other words, Good Employer ship, the distinctive ability to attract new people. In what way do people talk about you on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter? What is your image in the market? Are your employees satisfied with their work and are they really inspired or passionate?

The upcoming years you’ll be confronted with these issues and you might think that it has nothing to do with your job. But the opposite is true; it has everything to do with your job! Within all companies these questions will be crucial for its existence: without great and healthy employees, a company does not have a future.

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