30 March 2015

Recruiting? No, be found

In 2020, but most likely also a little sooner, all employers will have a search for the best employees that exist. There are not many choices and the finding and signing of an employee is really hard.

The new employee (He/She) originated from the Einstein generation doesn’t let himself be signed easily. No, the new employee 2.0 has a good view on what is out there to be found in the world and what they want with it. They will let you know what they want and what they’re looking for and knows how to find us as employers.

Therefore, we will present ourselves in a total different way. We have to state what we can add to their lives and their development.

They declare what they want and what they need, and in response we should declare which competences we need right now and later on and which development goes along with that and how we facilitate this section. The employee 2.0 checks if that development fits their life, their passion, their view on responsibility and their desired development.

Our advertisements are only visible if we offer them on spots where employers also are, like YouTube, Facetime, LinkedIn etc.

This is a golden opportunity for us to convert the traditional recuitment ad with the nowadays profile of competences and skills you need to possess to be “allowed” to apply for a job. With a boring story on who we are and what we’re looking for that matches us. We will now and later on declare what we are, what we can offer in this world, what we want to become and which profile describing that new employee fits best in the development of our desired situation.

The role of the traditional P & O employee will change immensely; they are marketers and account managers for employers focused on identifying trends in the employee market and the ways to enter these markets and search for employees and be found by jobseekers. Human Resources will change into Human Relations; this is such a nice prospect.

I wish you strength and good luck!!

Paul ter Wal

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