30 March 2015

Paul ter Wal makes healthy businesses better

An “unhealthy” organization has high numbers of absenteeism. Enthusiastic employees are ill less often, are motivated and deliver maximum productivity. Paul ter Wal transforms organizations with high absenteeism to healthy businesses, and makes healthy businesses even better.

 Prevention pays off

The more employees are engaged in their work, the more the employees will add to their business. The ultimate employee is a satisfied employee or even better: an enthusiastic employee who does his work with passion because they see it as his work. “Take your employees seriously and give them responsibility, ‘says Paul ter Wal.

He, as an organization expert with a lot of experience as a lawyer in the field of social security and employment law, offers the ability to escape the strangling grip of high costs of absenteeism and low productivity.

“In our country we spend billions of euros on absenteeism. This is like filling a bucket full of holes. It’s smarter to invest preventively to preclude people from calling in sick. Our philosophy is that the customer, client or whatever we call them comes first because they provide revenue. Executive professionals ensure that the work is done well and the management facilitates them in this process. Therefore, we teach managers to cope well with their employees.

Give attention

Paul ter Wal and his consulting company ANDARE helps companies and institutions lower absenteeism costs and increase productivity, by taking on absenteeism first and gradually working towards a productive organization based on attention and trust afterwards. “We start with an analysis: how high is the absenteeism and why? With simple actions we will reduce it. Not by waiting six weeks and then only sending a company doctor, but by giving immediate attention, and provide the person in need with an absence coordinator within 24 hours. This coordinator will help the absent employees solve their problems. With the profits of the lowered absenteeism we invest in fundamental changes within the organization. If your absence numbers are higher than two or three percent, it’s certain that there are organizational problems. Along with the workplace, we will map these problems, and afterwards organizational changes can be made. We try our best to take into account the interests of all employers equally and capture agreements clearly. We give employers maximum responsibility, we give them freedom and facilitate them with, for example, trainings. This is how ANDARE helps both the organization and the employees step by step. The result? Less absenteeism and better achievements by motivated, enthusiastic employees.


The costs of absenteeism are skyrocketing. Where 2 to 3% for the bio-medical reasons is acceptable, practice sometimes shows percentages of 6, 7% or higher. This is often due to organizational problems, of which the responsibility does not lie with the employees, but with the management. ANDARE uses Triple A philosophy of Attention, Attention and even more Attention. By seeing every employees full potential, and by facilitating them to achieve, absenteeism will decrease and enthusiasm and along with that the productiveness will also increase.


The approach of Paul ter Wal is based on a step plan. First, a decrease of absenteeism will result in a ‘quick win’. Parts of the earnings of that ‘quick win’ are invested in practical measures to promote health. This is followed by interventions that enhance employability. At last, involvement and engagement should finally ensure a maximum match between the values of the organization and the values of its employees: accountability! Eventually everyone will see their organization, as their actual organization, their work.


Employers that are being taken seriously, that experience freedom and get responsibility are motivated, get ill less often and deliver more production. De costs of absenteeism decrease as spectacularly as the output increases.

‘Creating awareness is essential!’
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