18 November 2015

From the Week of work-related stress: to the Month of Happiness

During this stormy week in November 2015, both in terms of weather and events, we are going to focus on work-related stress for an entire week. Many people suffer from it; work-related stress or perhaps choice stress.

In The Netherlands, 17% of young employees between the ages of 25 and 35 suffer a great deal from work-related stress and are at risk of being overcome by burnout. This is quite a remarkable finding. Actually, I have no doubt that these statistics are correct; I watch it happen all around me: young people (to use that term) make a clear start in their working life, private life, home life, holiday life, life with friends and their desire to have children in their lives. Everything is focused on any kind of success in all of these areas. People are so focused on achieving all of these goals that they sometimes tend to lose out on happiness. But it’s not limited to the younger generation; older generations have indicated that they too suffer a lot from work-related pressure.

The Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs is starting a campaign to tackle work-related stress, through tools that measure stress levels and through videos about people who have had a burnout. The campaign includes warnings aimed particularly at employers to really start tackling stress at work.

Lately, I’ve been focusing mostly on increasing happiness or, in other words, work happiness and passion. Keep in mind that happiness is largely genetically determined, but also for a great part the result of your own choices. Those choices determine results, for your life, your work, your peace of mind and your own spirituality.

Research has shown that work happiness originates from relationships (: Human Relations instead of Human Resources), fairness, balance, autonomy, learning and especially from knowing what your own objective is: what do you want, taking your own core values ​into account, ​with your life and your work. What do you make choices for?

Naturally, your employer can do a great deal to improve your work happiness, but you will also have to make choices regarding what you stand for and what you want (to be).Working on your own core values ​​(: why) and those within your team; shared team values are crucial to achieve work happiness and, subsequently, success. Passion leads to a higher level of customer focus, more success and less stress.

So…… if this week of work-related stress has come to a close, shall we put our minds to a positive month? The month of work happiness, passion; that’s what I’ll go for. Especially now.



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