31 March 2020

COVID-19: how to make the next step?

In the last couple of days and weeks, we have all been hit by COVID-19 and all the consequences that come from it.

Our private and professional lives have changed out of all recognition. My family – like many – has also been touched by the consequences of the virus.

Many activities have been cancelled and events postponed. Like most of you, my colleagues and I have been working from home for some time now. We meet one another and clients via Zoom. As I send you this, we have no idea how long it will be before life gets back to ‘normal’ – and what that new ‘normal’ might look like.

In your organization too, many things will have already changed, and many more changes are inevitable. Although change has always been inevitable, it now seems particularly harsh.

Keeping employees vital, motivated and engaged will become particularly challenging. In addition to dealing with this, managers also need an eye on the future – what will be your next step when the crisis has passed?

My colleagues and I work in the field of employee engagement and vitality. We know the stress organisations are under and we are keen to offer our support in this moment of need. I know my colleagues and I can offer invaluable insights in helping organisations grasp the nettle of improving employee engagement, resilience and motivation.

I invite you to contact me and ‘pick my brains’. We live in unusual times and I want to help. I have 40 years of experience to offer along with the international experience garnered as President of the Global Speakers Federation.

My diary is freely available on the website, www.MeetPaul.Today
– please schedule a Zoom meeting. I look forward to meeting you.

Paul ter Wal LL.M CSP




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