Paul ter Wal
Paul ter Wal is author of three Dutch books: “Employability – from Vision to Practice”, “The Market, our One Concern” and “Instructions for the right Health Management”. 15DAFE28-89EB-4059-BDE3-DB5FF440FCF5 8973DF75-C554-4585-AACD-D0764845A3B2 6B9483A9-FFC7-45FE-B241-A48EFD337BFF

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The Value-to-Profit Model

The Value-to-Profit model - Infographic
Paul ter Wal

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The seemingly endless energy that drives Paul, at times, initially intimidates people a bit. Fortunately, his level of reliability and integrity quickly change people’s minds. When discussing business, he speaks in a considerate manner and is always well informed. He’s always open to a professional and substantive conversation. Paul translates social trends to new markets, such as the field of HR, vitality and employability, and health. He is often one step ahead of you, but isn’t that exactly what you are looking for in an excellent advisor?

Paul ter Wal is an internationally sought-after employability expert and work health architect. For more than 20 years he has been in the speaking, consulting and training business for executives, HR directors and employees.

Increasing PROFITABILITY by decreasing ABSENTEEISM.

According to the Gallup Engagement Index a staggering 87% of employees worldwide are not engaged at work. The world has a crisis of engagement, with serious and potentially long-lasting repercussions for the organizations. This is where Paul ter Wal steps in. He works on both sides – employer and employees – to create work happiness and loyalty. His concept is based on finding the “Non-Negotiables” and the core values of the individual as well as the company. Because a highly engaged workforce means the difference between a company that thrives and one that struggles. When employees are engaged, they are passionate, creative, and entrepreneurial, and their enthusiasm fuels growth. These employees are emotionally connected to the mission and purpose of their work.

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The former lawyer at a social benefits organization as well as Assistant Director of a Public Health Insurance company started his consulting career at Sovac/Capgemini in the field of social security and labor law. Today Paul ter Wal is a professional speaker, strategic advisor, strategist as well as a vision and healthy workplace specialist. He is a guest lecturer at the University of Maastricht, Master Work Health and Career.

Paul is recognized as Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) by the Professional Speakers Australia as well as Fellow (FPSA) by the Professional Speaking Association in the UK and Ireland.

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VoiceAmerica; Business Elevation Show with Chris Cooper
Paul ter Wal talks about accountability

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The Power of knowing your Non Negotiables
Three easy strategies to lower your absenteeism rate

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Many satisfied customers got engaged from Paul ter Wal’s expertise

Paul ter Wal inspired people during a lunch meeting of 10 HR managers representing large organisations from up north when he shared his vision of sustainable employability. Making reciprocal agreements from the core values of both company and employee and to also respect and honour these agreements, leads to a higher level of engagement and higher productivity! Paul supported his vision with practical examples and gave his audience something to think about. He is not only a storyteller, but also possesses a great deal of practical experience. Fascinating material for a presentation, but perhaps also a starting point for a renewed view on sustainable employability and absenteeism for organisations.

Drs. A (Arjan) Dokt0r Physician Commercial Director Wibbens arbeidskundig advies B.V.

Paul’s delivery changes your perception of staff engagement and the attitude towards vision and mission statements. Bright, lively, witty and credible content from a truly professional speaker presented with a genuine passion for his subject.

David Hyner, UK

I recently saw Paul ter Wal speak at a conference in Canberra, Australia, about engagement and accountability.  His message was brilliant, with leading edge research and ideas, plus it was full of practical tips and tools that I could implement in my business immediately. I'm seeing results with my people already. Thanks for some great inspiration, Paul!

Lindsay Adams, CSPGlobal, Australia

Paul is multi-lingual which always impresses me. It’s one thing to speak authentically and powerfully in your native tongue. It’s quite another to be able to deliver with ease and conviction in several languages. I had the pleasure of hearing Paul speak in UK this week. I’m delighted to endorse his talent to keynote on the topics of engagement and accountability. His content rich presentation made it clear that Paul ter Wal is an expert in his field.

Eilidh Milnes, UK

We know Paul ter Wal for a long period of time. He is one of our best performing speakers on several HR and Health related topics in the last ten years. Paul is an allround speaker, he can adapt his style easily to the audience and he is able to play various roles. We have seen him also acting as a gifted chairman and moderator. On top of it all he brings his spoken word with energy and humour. He is absolutely fun to listen to. The audience evaluates all our sessions. Paul scores always a minimum of 8 out of 10. And he is there for a very reliable and excellent choice for us. He is always on time and a pleasure to work with.

Diederik Gallas, CEO, RMPS/GripInBedrijf, Netherlands

In his lecture Paul ter Wal addressed several theories in the field of sustainable employability, engagement and accountability (which can be considered as the ultimate goals of many health promotion programs), and presented his 7-steps approach to implementation of health promotion in organizations. He underpinned his approach with a study case and many practical examples, which made this lecture highly informative and inspiring. He shared his wide experience in this field with the students in an interactive and enthusiastic style. It was a great pleasure to attend this lecture.

Dr. Inge Houkes , Maastricht University, Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, Netherlands