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Paul ter Wal, CSP, FPSA

Stentor, Consultant, Employability Expert, Healthy Workplace Architect, Author

A highly engaged workforce means low absenteeism and high productivity!

Mission: Contributing to a happy workplace!

Paul ter Wal


Paul’s delivery changes your perception of staff engagement and the attitude towards vision and mission statements. Bright, lively, witty and credible content from a truly professional speaker presented with a genuine passion for his subject.

David Hyner, UK

I recently saw Paul ter Wal speak at a conference in Canberra, Australia, about engagement and accountability.  His message was brilliant, with leading edge research and ideas, plus it was full of practical tips and tools that I could implement in my business immediately. I'm seeing results with my people already. Thanks for some great inspiration, Paul!

Lindsay Adams, CSPGlobal, Australia

Paul is multi-lingual which always impresses me. It’s one thing to speak authentically and powerfully in your native tongue. It’s quite another to be able to deliver with ease and conviction in several languages. I had the pleasure of hearing Paul speak in UK this week. I’m delighted to endorse his talent to keynote on the topics of engagement and accountability. His content rich presentation made it clear that Paul ter Wal is an expert in his field.

Eilidh Milnes, UK

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“Make your choice!”

Paul ter Wal

“Your employability expert and work health architect”

Paul ter Wal

“Increase your profitability by creating work happiness!”

Paul ter Wal

Paul ter Wal is a balancing specialist and health architect. He carefully seeks the balance between man and machine. Between economy and ergonomics. Between organization and organism. Because one cannot function without the other.

Paul is a strategic advisor and conceptual architect. This is how he prefers to describe himself. Paul´s ideas and plans can be implemented by service providers in small and large organizations. He designs with passion. He would prove a passionate and convincing representative for the Ministry of Employment and Wellbeing.

Paul ter Wal Paul ter Wal Paul ter Wal Paul ter Wal